Your Definitive Guide To Doubling Your App Downloads
Abdelrahman Amr

The App market competition is ruthless. So, let’s talk numbers; apple’s App Store has 1.4 million apps while Google Play store has 1.5 million apps, which makes it challenging to get the initial traction for your app, but fear not, we have practical tips that will pave your road to the top!

1-Keywords Matter

Your App Store ranking depends on many factors and keywords is on top of the list.
Focus your attention on choosing the right keywords for your app; check the ones your competitor is using, and the popular ones in the search. Do all the research needed before writing

2-Flawless UI

Your app has to intrigue the users. That’s why your UI should capture their hearts from the first sight and it should be responsive across devices to ensure smooth sailing through your app.

3-Dazzle Their Eyes

Don’t use simple screenshots of your app. Get real-life screenshots which highlight the main features of your app and choose a unique one for your Google Play cover photo.
Users buy with their eyes. Images are one of the first things they see on your app page, so it’s your chance to shed the light on your app’s best features.

4-The Magic of CPI Burst Campaigns

Everyone wants their app on the top 50 on Google Play and the App Store; because that’s how far users are willing to go to find an app. Developers use the CPI (Cost-Per-Install) in which you’ll pay an amount of money for each install to reach the top 50 apps in your league, and once you’re there, you’ll get your money’s worth

5-Use Social Media Platforms

Create a how-to video in just six seconds and post it on Vine using the famous #how_to hashtag, create boards on Pinterest to show off your app’s aesthetic side, create a Youtube channel for your app and use it in your email signature. Share your passion with the world.

6-Limited Discounts

Offer your users a limited discount and couple it with a CPI campaign and the results will blow your mind.

7-Run a contest

Contests can be a good and unconventional way to promote your app. By giving promo codes to unlock In App Purchase or “Pin to Win” contests, you expand your reach.

The App market is merciless and you need to use all the tactics available to get your beloved app downloaded and experienced.