Why you should care about push notifications?
Amr Sobhy

The world is changing, everything is taking a virtual leap, and people’s attention spans are becoming goldfish-short. In their busy lives, people need constant reminders of what’s the real deal, of what they need without having to spray away through thousands of ads, platforms, or pages.

Arising from that information, push notifications are designed to serve as an escalator to your App success. Here’s why you need PushBots now;

1-88% App Engagement Boost

Every second, competing apps swarm the market. The question here is; how can you keep your users connected and engaged? Push notifications are the go-to proven way to boost the app sessions and engagement by serving as a subtle reminder to the user by 88%. Every second, you have the power to turn a user into a fan.

2-Sky-rocketing App Retention Rates

Everything is connected, especially in the app world.

The higher the engagement rates, the higher are the retention rates as well, which means that as long as your user remains fully engaged, he is more likely to stay. Push notifications are carefully engineered to subtly remind the user to launch the app which consequently improves the user retention rates by 2X. Some of our customers have reported up to 5x elevated retention rates when they implemented push notifications in their apps.

3-Redefining CTR

Push notifications used to be impersonal with the limited purpose of feature updates, but in this day and age, push notifications are personal, custom made by taking into consideration the account user data like demographics and in-app behavior that establishes rapport with each user based on his personal information, an addition that makes all the CTR difference you dream of. PushBots makes it extremely easy by providing you with a 360 view of your users in general and also on those who interact and engage with each message! Check demo here.

4-Alert! Alert! 

What if you could keep each and every one of your users on top of all the updates that concern them? Using Push Notifications does exactly that.

By simply alerting the user of important updates, he feels acknowledged and in return appreciates the added value of your app. Win-win!

5-You’re Reading This and Have Gotten This Far

We all have seen how 75% of app users quit within the first 90 days, and we know how frustrating it is. We hear you, and that’s why we are doing something about it.

If you’re reading and got this far, you know deep down that you need push notifications.

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