Why Web Push Notifications Are the New Digital Revolution
Abdelrahman Amr

Like all game changing discoveries, web push notifications are still in their infancy and marketers are incessantly scratching new surfaces to tap into its full potential. Yet, what we have found out doesn’t cease to surprise us. Elegant, timely, targeted, and precise, web push notifications are the new era of digital marketing. Therefore, we have listed more in depth reasons that will make you want to start using it right now;


1- Skyrocketing Opt-In rate

Compared to email newsletters, web push notifications give you 25X times more subscribers. Due to the quick nature of the notifications, your audience’s mind is forced to make an instant decision. No email IDs. No phone numbers. No fuss.

2- Click. Click. Click

Web Push Notifications arrest the attention. Unlike other forms of communication, push notifications are short and they arrive directly to your audience’s mobiles, tablets, and desktops which consequently require an immediate action by clicking. The average CTR of web push notifications is around 8% where as it is less than 5% for emails, and by taking a look at emails, do you really want to wait for your email to land in a pile of other marketing emails and leave you wondering whether it will ever be opened or not? No one does.

3- Your Audience Is a Notification Lover

Who resists clicking on a notification icon that shows you have four new notifications? People love notifications, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Snapchat. In their minds, notifications symbolize new and exciting offers. So whenever your audience glimpses the unread notification, their instinct will be to click and see what’s there.

4-  Real Time Happiness

Push notifications made updating your users in real-time possible as they get your message across in a heartbeat. Not only that, but they also work their magic on mobiles, tablets and desktops, unlike SMS which is only restricted to mobiles and E-mails that you have to keep praying your audience will at some point open.


5- Shorter Journey

People rarely have patience for following many steps to get where you want them to; they want a short and clear path. With web push notifications, they click then they land. The journey of web push notifications are the shortcut to success, as they click on the notification, then land on your page. It’s that straightforward. With the character limit provided, you have no choice but to be precise and concise unlike long emails and SMS that requires clicking on a links. Web push notifications give your audience an offer they cannot refuse.

6 – No Tricks. Just Metrics

The important part is; how do you measure your push notifications performance? It’s easy! Opt-in rates, click-through rates, subscriber count to notifications delivered, all of these are traceable which gives you a more comprehensive idea of where you stand and what you need to do to keep progress coming.

Web push notifications are the new marketing revolution. Not obtrusive as SMS and not slow like emails, web push notifications are the perfect combination of efficiency, steadfastness, and unstoppable growth.

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