When Do You Need Push Notifications
Jana El-Sokkary

Every second of everyday, we stumble upon a new update, a new “hack” or trick that businesses are trying to sell; swearing that it will enhance your app’s performance. While you should be on top of each and every update, some of these updates are empty talk; they don’t offer considerable value; unlike other ones like push notifications that make sure you increase you increase your practicality and likeability factor.

Customer Retention

Your current customers are gold mines; they’re more likely to try new updates, 50% more likely to be precise. Push notifications are the perfect way to retain them, as a powerful engagement tool, it provides concise, relevant, and customizable updates directly to your audience so they don’t miss a thing.

 Instant Feedback

Push notifications open a door into your audience’s minds without them needing any additional steps; everything is a one-step, your audience is reachable at all times, and it’s always a yes or no answer which helps you become more flexible and try different approaches to the same result and monitor which ones are the most effective with multifarious types of clients.

Statistics proved that up to 20% of users visit an application after getting a push notification. Get inside their minds and push them towards your app.

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Engagement Boost

Let’s speak numbers; push notifications increase your engagement up to 110%! You read that right and the main reason for that is the profound customization of push notifications.

You can group your audience in different categories and target them based on their own interests and likings no matter what they are. There’s nothing like having a clear map of your audience and their needs.  

Spot-On Segmentation

There’s nothing like the precise personalization of push notification messages; it allows you detailed targeting of your audience. Targeting the right audience is half the battle; sending them messages that pique their interests is a matter of science and art, combine both and your crowd will have something to look forward to.

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Push notifications are important; they give your app an incredible boost and immediate insights into your audience’s decision-making process. Also, when you send relevant updates to relevant customers at the right time, you will need a miracle to push them away from your app, they will be hooked.

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