When to Use Push Notifications to Enhance Performance
Jana El-Sokkary

Every problem has a solution, and push notifications are the current solution to many app challenges. Push notifications are not a new invention, they have been around for a while, but the secret lies in the proper optimization, how to make them take you where you want to go, but when do you need push notifications? And why?

PushBots will walk you through it.  

Retention Problem

Attracting new customers is hard work, but it’s frustrating when users upload your app then ghost you without a proper breakup. Either way, push notifications answer clearly to your questions, “how do I retain a customer?” they help you get your users back with just simple and straightforward steps.  They’re incredibly engaging and have proved over and over and over that they are not a gimmick, they actually work.

-Cart Problem

People leave their e-commerce carts midway, to be exact according to a recent study, 68% of online shoppers do.  To get your users to follow through until the end of the purchasing process, you need to nudge them a little, and nothing nudges as gently as push notifications. They’re short and sweet reminders that you notice their absence and want to know if everything went alright; people are distracted and usually need a reminder to get back to what they’re doing. Push notifications are the magic cure that will solve that problem.

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-Flash Sales Problem

If you have a flash sale, what’s the fastest way to reach your audience? You got it; Push Notifications. Flash sales mainly depend on how the timing your audience gets notified about it. Push notifications attack them where they want to hide, they’re fast, personal, and seductive (if written with passion) as the limited time factor creates a sense of urgency that pressures them to act fast which doubles your ROI.

-Communication Problem

Communication is key in any relationship; and with your audience, it’s a skeleton key that opens all doors for you and your app’s future success. If you want to better your communication in way that makes them feel special and in return motivate them into app sniffers, push notifications do exactly that; the engaging tool is precise and simple that you can hardly say no to, just focus all your time end efforts on curating creative and highly personalized messages and  watch how users opt-in, invite friends and engage with all your requests and products.

Get to know push notifications and their best implementations to use them for whatever business you have. There’s nothing like addressing a problem your app is having then investing your heart and soul in working through it.

Push notifications are a tool, in the end; it all depends on your strategy, data, dedication, and willingness to grow out of your comfort zone.

Give Push Notifications a try now!