Case Study: How PushBots Supported Fitness App GainsFire
Jana El-Sokkary

As we promised, we are taking you with us on our journey, our client’s journeys, because each client is a journey. Today, we are literally transforming your perception on PushBots and how pushing through and forward are the only paths there are to success. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to

What Is GainsFire?

A dedicated personal trainer in your pocket; is a free fitness app that helps people to keep track of their training and progress in the gym. For trainers and gyms, we offer an online coaching interface, that is based on the GainsFire app.

How Did We Help GainsFire?

PushBots is the platform that helps us stay connected to our users in various ways. We love to have the possibility to inform users about updates and new features within our app with just a tap of the fingers. Furthermore, we use the PushBots API to notify personal trainers of the progress and accomplished trainings of his clients, incoming messages and upcoming events.

How Did PushBots Bring out GainsFire’s edge?

PushBots’ strategic methods and planning has helped us gain a bird view over our business and the ability to monitor the progress as well as the pitfalls in our app.  

What’s the PushBot Secret Method?

It’s simplicity, anyone can offer you sophisticated features, but genius lies in simplicity. We tried some other platforms, but PushBots’ easy to use interface and API were just the best.

How Did the app Affect Your Business?

Everything is apped, there’s an app for nearly everything in the world, that’s why we need to keep up and reach our users where they are. Mobile apps have the power to extend the standard location-based services of gyms and trainers; they help to keep track of their clients’ progress, answer questions, make appointments or adapt training routines in real-time. In addition to that, mobile technologies made it possible for these services to be offered worldwide.
Trainers can interact with their clients from any location and at any given time.
We think this is the most important change and the reason for the immense growth of online coaching services.

How Would You Summarize Your Experience With PushBots?

PushBots is a great tool for staying connected to our users. We love PushBot’s intuitive interface and flexibility; it allows us the freedom to expand and make our users feel heard and connected to us on every step of the way.

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