Why Push Polls Are Exactly What You Need NOW
Abdelrahman Amr

Your users are gold mines of insights, and they’re the new “it” thing since Instagram and Twitter fans are already familiar with them. Therefore, it’s your gold chance of getting inside the heads of your audience and knowing what they need then adjust to their needs. Polls create a direct connection between you and your audience that allows both of you to get out victorious, you winning their hearts by showing interest in their opinions and concerns, and they feeling like their opinions matter and more involved in the process of enhancing your app, because after all, they are the ones who are going to use it, so they’re the priority.

1- Know Your Audience

By sending an instant two-option poll right in mobile app notification for IOS and Android, you’ll get to see real-time results as your audience answers. These answers are a direct guide to how they feel about your product and what they identify as shortcomings that you need to work on which is the most strategic way to build a solid foundation for your app while simultaneously gaining your audience’s trust and dedication when you take their feedback into consideration which builds a loyal fan base.

Push Polls

2- Create App Rapport

How you communicate can never be flat; it has to be personal. So make your audience feel involved through enticing call to actions and linking conversations to your app. When it comes to creating rapport, polls act as a future ball that predicts engagement. When you use polls to probe your audience, get their opinions, and start a one on one discussion in their minds,  they feel your interest and respond accordingly.

Push Polls

3- Live Feedback

You will never have to assume again. Say goodbye to your assumption-based decisions and get the answers straight from the horse’s mouth and ask your audience directly what they think. Use simple and straightforward questions to help your app grow.

Push polls are an excellent way to push your app to the top, and by stopping all the second-guessing games and relying on your user’s words to keep your app on the path of growth and endless prosperity. Try them NOW.!