How These Three Companies Used Push Notifications is All You Need to Read Now
Jana El-Sokkary

Smartphone users are expected to reach two billion by 2020. The remarkable increase is shifting the buying behavior and our fundamental understanding of it. Everything is now phone-friendly and whichever isn’t is blocked out of our lives. People are consuming content in shark-like amounts but only digesting some; as on the other hand, the attention span is taking a dive.

More businesses are heading towards mobile push notifications as it boosts their ROI and targets the exact audience they’re looking for. Push notifications are the future of mobile apps and below we will demonstrate examples of companies that used push notifications to advance their businesses forward.

  1. JetBlue

How do you define a friend? A friend is someone who remembers details about you and considerate enough to be there for you and anticipate your needs. That’s what the famous airline JetBlue’s messages sounded like in their push notification messages reminding every passenger when to check-in a day before the flight which takes us to a study on push notifications that has shown that the opt-in rates in travel niche are 78%! Yes, you read it right.

What JetBlue did was not a magic trick, but genuine care for their customers and their user experience.

  1. Starbucks

There’s no denying that Starbucks is a marketing master; it understands its audience and provides them with exactly what they’re expecting through careful behavioral anticipation.

They used an irresistible push notification trick on newcomers, one that never fails; free coffee on your birthday and a 15% discount on the Starbucks store.

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The larger sum of Starbuck’s audience is-obviously- reserved for coffee addicts, this notification will never be ignored, even if it’s not used, it will be saved and shared with friends, you would probably do that too. It’s personal, it cares about your birthday, and it’s generous, those are universal qualities for attraction. So, psychologically speaking, people need to be attracted to their apps (Not like in the Her movie, but you get the point.)

  1. The French La Redoute

How do you work through abandonment issues? (Not psychological ones, but online cart related) La Redoute, a French apparel retailer tycoon has found the answer.

If you’re remotely related to the e-commerce industry, your ears must be accustomed to the abandoned cart dilemma, while no Greek philosophers are gathering in an arena to solve it, La Redoute started a message campaign to get these lost souls back on their carts; their push notification campaign was highly customizable and sent to each customer asking why they left and motivating them to come back which retargeted their CTR to 2-3 times higher than traditional mobile ads.

French or Greek or not, the right push notification message will solve any dilemma you have.

Before sending your push notifications, ask yourself “Are they communicating high value to my audience?  “Are you providing your audience with practical content?” and “Would you care if you were them?”

If you have clear answers, start pushing your messages and watch magic happen.

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