Push Notification Content Secrets 101
Abdelrahman Amr

Writing the right content for the right audience that delivers the results you want is not a task for the short-tempered. It’s a process of exploration, of trial and error. And especially so for push notification content, because you only have an even shorter span when people get a pop-up notification. Therefore, you have to plan your content strategically while putting yourself in your audience’s shoes, and we have the major content pillars for you below;

-Arrest Their Attention
Make your push notifications creative. Use original words, witty one-liners, catchy phrases for your prospective audience.  

Attention spans are getting shorter by the second, just one misplaced word and they’re gone and never looking back. So to lure them in, you’ve got to distinguish yourself from the auto-piloted messages they are bombarded with every day.

-Be Personal
No one has time for generic advertisement. If you want to have a shot at grabbing your audience’s attention, you’ve got to be incredibly personal. Make them feel like they’re the only person in the world, that you basically have this business just for them. Add a CTA,


-Use Power Words
This is a strong action-oriented method. Power Words and effective CTA lead users to take the action that you want them to perform. Do you want them to take the deal you’re offering? You could add something like, “Click to avail 70% off!”. Users are likely to grab this opportunity.

-Short is Smart
Average attention spans are shortening. Shorter texts help in conveying your message quickly and effectively. That’s why we recommend a length of 100 characters for the copy of the notification. Do make sure that your message is properly structured.

-Watch Your Tone
Do your research. What tone do they want you to get as a notification? Which tone delivers you to your target?  

Try different shades until you find the perfect tone that speaks their language and minds.

In the end, content is everything, so be diverse, surprise them, and give them something to react to, and you’re halfway there.

Also remember it’s a long process that needs patience, practice, and understanding, so give it your all.

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