3 Push Notification Pointers For A Compelling 2018 Campaign
Abdelrahman Amr

2018 is the year for mobile. It’s the year all studies have predicted push notifications will soar higher. So far, the perception of push notifications has improved, but their value is not fully realized. In this article, we gathered some pointers for a push notification campaign that takes 2018 head on!


Timing is everything when it comes to push notifications. Start with one push per week for behavior-based campaigns. 90% of people welcome receiving one push per week without disabling the notifications. This makes experimentation relatively safe or you.

So, feel free to add more preferences. Instead of beginning with sending people notifications based on location and in-app behavior, give your audience more options to receive specific types of notifications, give them the freedom.


Everyone hates group notifications, and so do you! They’re impersonal and no one wants to feel that they’re just a brick on the wall.

People have a deep need to feel special. Fulfill that dream and tailor your notifications to their size because there’s no one size fits all kind of notification.


Every notification should bring you closer to your audience, and make them feel they want to be closer to you because you give them what they need. Who is our audience? A novice, a casual user, or a power user? keep that in mind when you customize each and every message.

2018 is the year to go strong with your push strategy. Do your research, understand your audience, experiment, change, and grow.

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