The Perfect Push Notification Message Exists and it's Here
Jana El-Sokkary

Writing a push notification message is an art and science; it’s deliberate and personal. It combines both the personalization of art and the psychological methodology of science.

A well-written push notification is Cupid’s arrow that reaches your audience’s hearts and makes them feel like they’re the only person you’re talking to. Developing this message is not anything easier than developing the app, it’s just as intricate and requires a similar thought process. Here’s how to write a disarming push notification message.  

1-Be the Creative Fish

Don’t swim with the current like a dead fish, people hate dead fish. They hate getting the same thoughtless message from different apps; and if you do, you will get the silent treatment. Creativity is attractive, in any way, shape, or form. Go for references that your audience will understand and play on their words to make them fun and light.

2-Use Power Words

  Words are magic; one word can change how you feel about something or a person. It could affect your entire buying decision. How you use them is up to you, a minuscule change in your copy could change how your audience feels about your message; using power-words spike up your push messages, they must be the core to every message, especially the ones that your audience to convert. Check the power-words available online and incorporate them into your messages.  

3-Deep Linking     

This one is gold! Adding internal links that take your audience on an internal journey is an option you don’t want to miss out on; deep linking keeps your user hooked, asking and looking for more. Try it through a third-party to avoid being faced with internal errors that could backfire. However, it’s a sure way to arrest your audience’s attention.

4-Don’t be Pushy

When your messages are well crafted, you need to move to the next step; being mindful of when to send them and how often to send them. One major complaint from users is getting too many notifications at the wrong time is one sure way to drive them off for good!

Your push notifications schedule is just as important as your message. Set a limit on the frequency and number of notifications you send out to your audience and stay away from the wee hours of the night. No one wants to wake up from a push notification message, not even you!

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Writing your push notification message should be a trial and error process; take notes and study your audience carefully. Give them what they need by anticipating their feelings, and remember that the writing process is extremely emotional, to play on their heart strings and you’ll get there in no time.

Give it a try now!