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Jana El-Sokkary

Businesses are fighting over ways to catch the audience’s attention spans; it’s expected to reach two seconds by 2020, that’s two seconds less than the gold fish’s. Therefore, localization takes one of the top places on the podium of attention-catchers, as having an app communicating in your mother tongue arrests your focus more than any foreign language. PushBots now speaks in tongues, whether Arabic or English, your messages will be more personal and reach their hearts faster than a lightning bolt.

What is App Localization?

App localization is speaking your audience’s language; it’s translating either every or some parts of your app to another language to reach and build a lasting rapport with your audience. App localization is the equivalent of sharing the lyrics of a foreign language song with someone; you help them understand and they feel special in return, and it’s exactly the same with your audience, the way you communicate with them is half the battle. Like in any form of human interactions, if you speak their language, they will hold you closer to their hearts.  

What Does Localization Mean When it Comes to PushBots?

PushBots now customizes your messages according to automatic detection of the language your audience use on their phones. This hits two birds with one stone, by enabling this option; you offer your audience the choice of the language they want which would ultimately increase their engagement and app communication.


Apps are like digitized friends on our phone who help us manage our lives, and who do we call friends? Those with whom we can freely communicate.  Think of it that way, localization provides friendly push messages to your audience that helps increase their level of app interaction and at the same time help you gain their hearts.    

Why Do You Need Localization?

-Increased ROI

According to studies, localizing your app increases your downloads with 128%. This is not a number to be taken lightly.

Mobile Friendly

90% of all activities take place on mobile apps; they’re indispensable. You need to be sensitive to your audience’s needs and use all the ways you can to keep them hooked on the interaction, to want more. Localization definitely helps with that, as they feel more connected to your app.


Localizing shines more light on your app in the App Stores, and you need that increased visibility and reach to expand your base and include more audience.

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Localization is a win-win in any case, you’re making your audience’s life easier and yours; it establishes instant rapport with your audience, one that will keep them connected, hopefully until they become loyal customers and do your word of mouth for you.

With PushBots, no one is out of reach. Get started now!