The way to increase your ROI is right under your nose
Jana El-Sokkary

How do you get the exact audience you want? This is the million dollar question of each and every new business; you need the audience who speaks your language, not just mere users who sign up then abandon you in the heart of the process. Therefore, targeting is a science, the ability to target the right audience at the right time for the right reasons needs flexible trial and error, but advanced targeting offers you exactly what you need on a silver plate, and Pushbots is ready to unravel how.

The world is transitioning from desktop to mobile, and with that, comes the advantage of content curation; to determine which content is suitable for which audience and give them precisely what you think they need. That’s why Pushbots is introducing to you the targeting option that allows you to target your audience based on their location, language and operating system they use, which makes targeting your desired audience a piece of cake. You get to tailor your targeting based on the needs you want to phenomenally increase your ROI. You are basically a tailor, taking measurements of your audience then making them a suit that’s a perfect fit.

PushBots also allows you to not only target your audience but also track the effectiveness of every message you send out through the “Track” feature; this feature is an engagement radar that gives you backdoor access to how well (or not) your messages are engaging people on every platform, and the details of the users who did engage using meticulous analysis of the phones, language, and app versions they use. Therefore, not only do you get to tailor your message but also know if they liked the tailoring!

With more than 85% of people heading towards mobile, there’s an apparent and shocking lagging in push notification innovation, as people get duplicates of app messages all the time; you got them too, those impersonal and detached messages that make you blindly choose “maybe later”. According to recent studies, more than one-third of companies that collect user data rarely use that data to curate tailored content for their audience!

Mobiles and mobile apps are intimate and personal, they’re with us, listening and watching our every move, that’s why it’s no surprise that targeting drives 293% more app opens than one-size-fits all-messages.

A real-life example of how can tailored targeting change your app’s life is William Hill Plc. (LON:WMH), the U.K.’s largest betting company which has thousands of retail locations, stadiums, playing fields and racecourses for betting deals, the company decided to go for location-targeted push messages, the result? 400% more engagement than non-location-targeted messages!

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The world is transitioning from pull to push, and it’s a golden opportunity for you to understand your market and push your audience towards the destination you want them to go. Your audience would pay for personalization as long as your intentions are clear and they feel valued. What else are you waiting for? 

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