Monetizing Your App With Mobile Push Notifications
Abdelrahman Amr

The marketing industry is turbocharged, and that’s one of the most challenging parts of the job as behaviors and preferences of consumers always change, and marketers are always looking for new ways to stay ahead of time and competition by utilizing all the tools possible, and what’s better than a tool that builds upon other booming technology that everyone know and use?

According to statistics, push notifications ensure a 50% higher open rate and 100% higher click through rate. They’re more user-friendly, can help you get better results from your users, and most importantly, they open a new revenue channel for you.

So, here’s the million dollar question; how can you build a push strategy that will help you monetize your mobile app?

1-All in for the opt-in

For any marketing strategy to work, you need an audience. Push notifications not only help you gain more users, but they also target the ones you are really looking for. That’s why gaining the main opt-in is your crucial step towards retaining the audience you need and consequently building a custom made analysis and targeting plan to reach the maximum effect of efficiency and reach.

2-Opt-in Message

Why should visitors subscribe to your app? Put yourself in your audience’s shoes and construct a useful opt-in message that explains the benefits they will get if they subscribe to your push notifications. Acknowledge their fears of the non-stop notifications by assuring they can unsubscribe any time they want, and close with an irresistible call-to-action.

3-Analysis and Segmentation

Get in the minds of your audience. Analyze every interest and need of your visitors and subscribers. You double your click-through rate when you give your subscribers tailored offers that match their interests and deep-rooted needs. Then you can proceed to segmentation. In segmentation, there’s no one size fits all, you’ve got to be vigilant. Your subscribers are different and unique. Therefore, segmenting your subscribers into related groups or even micro-segmenting them into groups within groups allows you to send the suitable offer for them which increases the probabilities of you sending offers that will match the wants, interests and needs of your subscribers and by that achieve client retention and credibility.

4-Personalization of Offers and Messages

It’s no mystery how challenging it is to get to the perfect user at the perfect time with the perfect message. Push notifications give you the chance to send personalized, directed, and short messages that form long-term rapport with your prospective audience. Also, you need to make sure all the offers you send out would be relevant to your users.  Have you ever heard of “Notification Fatigue”? That’s the sound of your users unsubscribing from your app for getting too many irrelevant offers. No one wants that.

Push notifications are the new goldmines. Dig deeper and learn how to make the most out of it instantly to expand, reach, and grow with your audience and app.

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