MobiLoud: PushBots' Client With Loud Results
Jana El-Sokkary

Today, we are taking you on a new journey. A journey of building and constructing perfection; it’s somebody else’s journey to the top, top of our clients, clients that made it with the help of our dedicated professionals. Ladies and gentlemen, we introduce you to MobiLoud.

What Is MobiLoud?

It’s the magic wand that turns small and large websites to native mobile apps. From WordPress blogs to news websites, MobiLoud will mobilify it into iOS and Android apps, handling it starting from the building and testing to the publishing and maintaining of your app. All apps are easily customizable with a gracious amount of space to add your own virtual signature, look and feel while also seeing an online/mobile preview to edit and edit and edit until you’re 100% satisfied. Even magic is hard work, it requires methodical training and strategy.

How Did We Help MobiLoud?

PushBots enables MobiLoud to provide customers with top-notch Push Notifications service that integrates seamlessly with their website. PushBots includes an array of features, including functionality that allows app owners to create various types of push notifications categories or tags, schedule notifications, stagger notifications to avoid high server load, analyze user responses to push notifications, and more!

PushBots’ service fits like a glove with all types of mobile apps.  As ‘MobiLoud’s customers include blogs, international news publishers, e-Commerce websites, social networks and community sites, PushBots allows MobiLoud to provide impeccable service for all their customers. Another clear advantage for both MobiLoud and our customers is the access to PushBots’ expertise on push notifications, which helps increase our customers’ success with their apps.

Why Should You Convert Your Website Into an App?

How many times did you check your phone today? That’s right; you lost count. Your hand automatically reaches to your pocket or your bag and you start strumming life with your fingers, browsing, stalking, videoing, tweeting, burying your face in a book and watching the timelines of others while strategically wasting yours. The point being, life is electrictonized and mobilified and digified; we’re a nation of mobile starers and technology worshipers, so your business needs to have an answer to “Is there an app for that?” because if you do enough research, there’s an app for electronically massaging the back of your head while speaking Swahili, and also because according to Smart Insights, 89% of mobile time is spent in mobile apps.

What’s the PushBot Secret Method (that’s not going to be secret)?

For MobiLoud, the factors that make PushBots stand out is that they provide the ideal combination of features and pricing, and they are developer friendly!

For a company like MobiLoud, the ability to customize various elements of the push notifications configuration is crucial as we have customers with all different kinds of mobile apps, requiring configurations that can vary.

Our development team can have as much control over the setup as they need, meaning we can provide apps that fulfill customer needs quickly, and to an exceptional standard. If customers have complicated requests or a unique type of app activity that needs the push notifications to be customised, the ability to add custom code is a fantastic benefit for them too.

What’s the Difference Between Responsive Web Design and Mobile Apps?

Responsive web design is something you will most likely have experienced; most websites today will have a version that is optimized for mobile, through responsive web design. This means that the website will format itself correctly for the device it’s viewed on, whether a desktop, smartphone or tablet. It’s a way for companies to ensure that their website experience is always of an acceptable standard and formatted correctly. However, responsive web design, while essential to any business or publisher, is not enough to make the most of the opportunity offered by mobile today.

Users demand the user experience, speed and convenience of apps. Over 85% of people still prefer using mobile apps over mobile websites that use responsive web design!

Beyond user demand, apps offer publishers an opportunity to reach their users in ways a website or email can’t compete with on their own. Apps help site owners increase time spent on their properties, remind users of their offers and content through a presence on the user home screen, as well as push notifications and encourage repeat visitors, thanks to their feasibility.

Mobile app usage statistics reflect the public opinion too, with the proportion of time spent in mobile apps versus the mobile web continuing to increase year after year.

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Apps provide your customers and users with easy access to your site at any time, by simply clicking on your icon on their mobile device home screen, keeping your business at the top of their mind! Mobile apps are often more user-friendly and faster than mobile websites too, considering they have been specifically built for mobile.

If You Could Put it in Numbers, Would You Give Us the Before and After PushBots Results?

Without push notifications, businesses with mobile apps would find it more difficult to engage their customers and see success with their mobile apps. App users would download the app and perhaps forget about it. Techcrunch highlights that 1 in 4 app users may not return for a second use of an app after downloading it, meaning that businesses need to find a way to effectively engage with their app users, and encourage repeat usage.

PushBots has been an invaluable tool to help MobiLoud’s customers achieve great results with their mobile apps.

Over 5 million people using apps created by MobiLoud have been served with push notifications through PushBots. These push notifications have proven to be a powerful aid for business growth through a mobile app, and definitely one of the biggest advantages of having a mobile app.

How Would You Summarize Your Experience With PushBots?

By partnering with PushBots, MobiLoud has been able to provide more value to customers and help them see great success with their mobile apps. Up to 70% of people view push notifications as useful, highlighting how powerful they can be as a communication channel between your business, and your customers or app users.

PushBots has saved our time by sparing our own development team having to build the push notification functionality from the ground up for both our Canvas and News app services!