These Mobile Metrics Are Business Savers
Jana El-Sokkary

App development is a long journey of sweat, blood and tears, that’s why you need to have a benchmark, a guide, you need to measure the right metrics, optimize and iterate your app to offer a compelling user experience.

  1. Network Errors

Network errors are very important to monitor as they can lead to crashes or slow response time as they’re the HTTP errors seen by the app when the app is interfacing to a networked service.

  1. API Latency

How long does your app take from a request to a response? This is calculating API latency. Nowadays, apps leverage several API’s or services, so your app needs to take a second to respond, it’s longer, you’re late.

  1. End-to-end application latency

The world runs on fast batteries and people have no tolerance for anything slow, that’s why the general rule of response is one second if you take more, you’re late. Keep the user’s attention span in your mind, anything over 3-4 seconds total response time could result in users abandoning the transaction and even deleting your app altogether. Therefore you need to check the end to end application latency.

  1. App load per period

Can your app work under pressure? Just because you can doesn’t mean it will.  App load per period is mainly the number of transactions over a period of time. Can your app handle the workload without breaking or slowing down? Does it like surprises?

  1. App crashes

They happen, and they do to everyone, but what’s your crash rate? In other words, how many crashes per app loads? It highly depends on the app type and maturity, but the rule of thumb here is 1-2%.

Kill your darlings, whatever you think will work but doesn’t need to be weeded out. Be ruthless with monitoring the indications of these metrics because you can’t manage what you can’t measure and metrics are your blueprint for where and what you need to change in your app to make it a smooth sailing for your users.

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