BulletProof Mobile Communication Strategy: This Will Save Your Startup
Jana El-Sokkary

We are mobilified and so is everything else. No one in his right mind would deny the way mobile technology has transformed our entire lives and the way we view technology. Mobiles are here and they’re here to stay, that’s why you need to put together a bullet-proof mobile communication strategy.

1) Provide Value to Your Users

You can’t be everything to everyone, you need to curate. So, what’s your app providing to your users? Value is a broad term, it includes being there to your user by solving their problems on the spot, providing timely and useful content, make yourself available by including a link to your website, physical address, phone number and email to ensure that they can reach you and buy directly from your app.

2) Break Through the Clutter

The app’s biggest challenge is breaking through the mobile app space. Go full throttle with your marketing strategies; put app ads on your website and blog, boast about the “what’s in it for you” factor, zoom-in on the benefits of your app and, shout out on social media on why downloading your app makes life easier, make every email a marketing medium.

3) Encourage People to Use Your App

Just downloading your app is not enough, who needs impressions? You do, but you also need real value. The trick here is to give useful information that needs to be refreshed, in other words, a reason to check your app, any kind of motive or incentive that triggers their minds and hooks their hearts on your app, on wanting more.

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We walk around with the world in our pockets and everything is just a click away. The cruciality of mobile entails full and strategic incorporation in our daily lives. Realize your power before using it, study, analyze, collect data and push information and communication in the way you see fit for you and your target audience.