You Will Make These Mistakes When Building Your Mobile App
Jana El-Sokkary

Building anything is planning, it’s a process of hard work, perseverance and commitment to achieving your end goal which is utilizing the right elements in the right places and a long period of trial and error. The same goes for the app business, there are common mistakes that sound like the right thing to do and we are here to walk through them.

1-Not Build Your App Natively.

Correction: If you want a top-notch app, build raw, build natively.

Easy routes are short routes; in your app’s around the sun, they will malfunction and you will lose your way. If you ask, “Why don’t I code once then forget all about it?”

Whether you count on HTML, hybrid apps or cross-platform toolkits, each has its unavoidable downsides that you have to anticipate and deal with and set your expectations that none of them will be enough to give you the high-end mobile UX that will hook the users and get them into the repeat business of using your app and recommending it to their friends. The hybrid apps are packed with errors, HTML have severe compatibility issues and the cross-platform toolkits require a lot of custom code.

Give your hero platform the time it needs then grow from there to less popular platforms.

2-Be Sure that your Infrastructure is Ready to Support Mobile Apps.

Correction: You will need to deconstruct, change, upgrade or rebuild your backend to create the best mobile experience.

Ultimately, you need an app that’s working in the real world, one that can endure and adapt. Without the right API design and implementation, your app will most probably crash in the real unforgiving world, so you need to think deeply about the infrastructure, especially if it’s built for a heavy workload like mobile banking where people think of the mobile app as their favorite playground and spending an insane amount of time there. Therefore, you need to consider maximum payload size, low latency, retry, pagination and single API call per screen to make sure you give your users a compelling UX experience.

3-Believe That Building Your Mobile App internally is Fast.

Correction: Building Your App Yourself Will Take 4x The Time.

Having the components of an app doesn’t make building it any easier, your CSS, JavaScript and HTML doesn’t make a plug and play for you, unless you have a skilled team with impeccable mobile product experience and next to that, you need to have them eating and sleeping in one room saying adios to their social life. Otherwise, you’re heading towards a long road of inaccurate product vision that will cost you double the money to rectify.

Outsourcing is the excellent way to go about this because it employs different specialties in one place to cover all the core functionalities that a top-notch app should have including mobile engineering expertise.

Your app needs dedication, planning and flexibility. Beware of these mistakes and you’re on the long but worthy road of solid success and leave shortcuts to short-breathed people who will break with the first push.

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