Your Guide to Create a Bullet-Proof Mobile App Strategy in 2018
Jana El-Sokkary

According to statistics, the number of mobile users in Egypt in 2017 was 23.6 million, and it’s expected to reach 28 million by 2019. If that’s not enough of a reason for you to switch your business to mobile, nothing will ever be.

The mobile/App industry is taking a new turn in 2018, and this is your chance to build a meticulous mobile strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

1-Ask the Right Questions

The advantages that mobile can and will offer to your business are countless, but before embarking on any new journey, you’ve got to start with looking inward and assessing the specific details of what opportunities mobile provides for your business, not just as a tool, but also as a provider of rapport with your audience. Analyze your industry, how are your competitors using it? What’s the latest mobile technology hijacking the market? How can you start smart? Ask and listen.  

2-Business Case Comes First

Let’s get down to numbers. What’s your budget? And does the marketing budget have enough space to include mobile, or does it need a separate budget? Whatever your answers are, you need to include costs for messaging, platform, creative support, and testing. A balanced budget is everything.

3-Where to Channel?

All bullet-proof mobile strategies dedicate the time to figure out which mobile channels to use in order to reach the targeted audience; while you could use two channels simultaneously, each channel serves a purpose and has its own benefits.

The channels are:

Push Notifications: 76% of consumers find them rewarding

SMS: SMS messages are 90% opened

MMS: Higher customer engagement

Wallet messaging: Android Pay & Apple Pay see in-store redemption up to 30%

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4-Go Metrics Shopping

Last stop in building your mobile strategy is data analysis and result assessment. You need patience, because it’s a fast industry and everyone wants a piece of the cake, but the good thing is that it’s traceable, so you’ll always know your place on the map. So, set your KPIs to have a benchmark to measure against and constantly refine your approach by testing small changes. Hear the pulse of your audience, and work accordingly.

Mobile is the new revolution. Do your research and begin witnessing the evolution of your business. Take the first step and try our demo.