Five Expert Tips to Get More Reviews for Your App
Abdelrahman Amr

App reviews are one of the main deciding factors for downloading your app, as 80% of users have admitted changing their minds about an app based only on the negative reviews they read and 88% admitted that online reviews equal personal recommendations. That’s why we compiled real life tips to help you get the good reviews from your users.


1-Be Reachable

Complaints are good ratings in disguise. A bulletproof way of getting positive reviews for is to avoid negative reviews by letting dissatisfied users reach you directly. Within your app description, include some contact info whether an email, number, or a Facebook account, it reassures users that if and when they experience a technical problem, there’s someone to go to, and when they do, reply as fast as you can, fix their issue, and that’s the perfect time to ask for a review.

2-Loyality Comes First

Identify your loyal customers and start with them. They will be more willing to rate your app and will most likely provide you with the positive reviews that will in turn trigger others to do the same.

3-Invest in Content

It all depends on how you phrase your app rate request. Make it personal and inviting to users to feel that they’re contributing to the bettering of the app instead of curt and straightforward messages that are usually ignored.

Give your users the freedom to rate it however they like without implying that they should give you five stars. It’s also important to remember that one or five starts rating don’t tell you anything, it’s the threes and fours that you should look out for.


4-Reward Your Users

Who says no to freebies? No one, people love rewards. That’s why offering simple gifts to your users in exchange of their reviews goes a long way, and it creates an emotional bond with your users.

5-Timing is everything

The time you use to send the request is crucial. Make sure you pick your time strategically so it doesn’t backfire while also adding a considerate message along with the request like; “Have a great night!” or “Enjoy your day!” to make the user feel connected. ‚Ä®Remember that the users should come first. Focus and anticipate their needs, then satisfy every one of them. Nothing wins users like genuine effort.