You'll Never See Email Lists the Same Again After This
Jana El-Sokkary

The rise of social media is universal, but emails remain the strongest form of communication, and that’s why you need an email to register to any of the social media platforms and without it, you won’t be able to have a social media account, to begin with.
How many people do you know who don’t have an email account? Exactly.

1- Budget Friendly

Two thirds of emails are read on mobile phones and according to Statista, the number of worldwide mobile phone users is expected to surpass five billion by the year 2019.

Therefore, if you are working with a small budget, email marketing is one of the most budget-friendly marketing strategies that you can use to reach and engage your target audience and provide a very high return on investment without spending every penny on digital marketing campaigns which are expensive, to say the least.

2- Tangible Measurements

There’s no point for any marketing tactic if you can’t measure the results. Every move in this chess game should be anticipated and calculated ten steps ahead, you can’t leave space for guesswork or where is this going? Your pawns are in place and they’re ready to be taken down, you just need to know exactly how. That’s why the metrics of email marketing are easy to track and leaves no gray areas, you can run A/B testing to know what are the strongest and weakest spots in your email, you can see who clicked open and if they have clicked on the links provided which are very important for analyzing your progress and areas of growth.

3- Wider Reach

How can you reach your audience? In this day and age, you always need all the ways you could find to reach targeted audience, keep your edge alive, and anything that can be used from mobile is still valid, therefore, email marketing is not only in the game but one of the cheapest marketing ploys in the game.

People are always on their phones, if they’re not, they’re thinking about them; we’re notification junkies, waiting and waiting for something to validate/excite/offer us a doorway to a new experience. Your emails must be catchy with original content and different subjects and bodies, you need to have dedicated people in your team on the email marketing psychology, pace and content. Make it all mobile friendly and short and extra sweet.

4- Genuine Connection

People are desperate for personalized touches of communication, since everything is becoming stale and one dimensional; they need a bit of tailoring and craftsmanship to get their attention.

Email-marketing allows you that based on the data collected from leads for a personalized and relevant content that echoes back on your CTR and conversion rates. A step as simple as addressing your recipient’s first name in the subject line can drastically improve your CTR.

There’s a term called “Hyper-personalization” that’s expected to lead the marketing way in 2020, because with the speed we are moving at, people won’t blink your way if it’s not genuinely tailored for them. Now or then, you need every lead to establishing a genuine connection with each audience and make “everyone is special” a poster in your office and a daily mantra.  

Ask yourself how to improve open rates by changing subject lines and improve conversion rates in general according to your audience’s needs and market demands. Email marketing is an affordable journey to your clients’ hearts and minds, and with the proper planning, their total investment.

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