Why you should try to personalize push notifications?

Some tips and tricks.

Hello FirstName. Does that feel authentic and genuine to you? Messages and notifications that feel impersonal often don’t entice users to take the action you’d like them to take. Notifications that involve name-based personalization have a much more positive impact, and can actually increase the open rate, engagement, and retention of your audience. What Is […]

The way to increase your ROI is right under your nose

How do you get the exact audience you want? This is the million dollar question of each and every new business; you need the audience who speaks your language, not just mere users who sign up then abandon you in the heart of the process. Therefore, targeting is a science, the ability to target the […]

You Don't Want to Miss This New PushBots Feature!

Businesses are fighting over ways to catch the audience’s attention spans; it’s expected to reach two seconds by 2020, that’s two seconds less than the gold fish’s. Therefore, localization takes one of the top places on the podium of attention-catchers, as having an app communicating in your mother tongue arrests your focus more than any […]

Official support for React Native

React Native has taken the mobile development ecosystem by storm. What makes it special is the “Learn once, write anywhere” concept, making it easy for React web developers to build native apps. Honestly, It’s been quite some time since we have chosen to support this framework. Today, we are beyond excited to announce the release […]

Wordpress support comes to PushBots!

Support for the most popular blogging platform has arrived at PushBots! Now adding push notifications to your WordPress powered website cannot get easier. Remember, website notifications are clickable messages sent by your website to the browser of your subscribers. They work quite similar to mobile app push notifications except that they come from websites instead […]

Have a say in what we build!

We would like to build features that our customers want and feel valuable to their use cases. We don’t want to build features to solve problems that don’t concern them. We also want to provide more transparency on what we are working on. Therefore, we decided to create a collaborative public road-map on a Trello […]

Why you should care about push notifications?

The world is changing, everything is taking a virtual leap, and people’s attention spans are becoming goldfish-short. In their busy lives, people need constant reminders of what’s the real deal, of what they need without having to spray away through thousands of ads, platforms, or pages. Arising from that information, push notifications are designed to […]

How to add web push to Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera!

Web push is one of the trendiest ways to engage with your customers in real time and is particularly excellent for announcing flash sales, informing users about new content, and driving urgency when your call-to-action is time-sensitive  They also have high click-through rate which is going to transform the way you think about your marketing […]

Introducing Push Insights ?

We are happy to introduce Push Insights;? a feature that will give you key data about engagement with your push campaign. After you send a push message ?, go to “History & insights” tab and click the message to view advanced insights. With Push Insights, you will earn more about engagement with your message over […]

Introducing Userbase

? Today, we are excited to ship our latest feature; Userbase? This feature will give you a comprehensive set of real-time details (almost?) regarding your current user base, allowing you to have more insights about your users and enabling you to craft new push strategies to best engage them. Information include? a visual representation of […]

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