Integrate PushBots in Vue Apps

For Vue apps with server-side rendering Mainly Nuxt.js which was used to build Marketing website and other projects within the company. You need to add a plugin to nuxt.config.js plugins: [ { src: ‘~/plugins/PB.client.js’ } ], Note the .client in the file name this means “tell Nuxt to run this file ONLY ON THE […]

5 Tried and True Mobile Engagement Techniques for Your App’s Success

tips and tricks.

In today’s climate, where there are 3.7 billion unique mobile users, it comes as no surprise that mobile engagement is of the utmost importance. Studies show that in 2017, out of 2 trillion visits, 63% of website traffic came from mobile devices. However, when it comes to actual engagement, the boom may be over. Compared […]

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