You'll Never See Email Lists the Same Again After This

The rise of social media is universal, but emails remain the strongest form of communication, and that’s why you need an email to register to any of the social media platforms and without it, you won’t be able to have a social media account, to begin with. How many people do you know who don’t have […]

BulletProof Mobile Communication Strategy: This Will Save Your Startup

We are mobilified and so is everything else. No one in his right mind would deny the way mobile technology has transformed our entire lives and the way we view technology. Mobiles are here and they’re here to stay, that’s why you need to put together a bullet-proof mobile communication strategy. 1) Provide Value to […]

4 Mobile Metrics Every Mobile Company Should Monitor in 2018

The global App market is booming, but the success rate of apps is around 0.01%, for an app to grow, it’s a lot of work and planning and constant unlearning and learning process. If you’re launching an app, we have the four definite metrics you should track to make it grow and have more roots. […]

The Hawaiian Push Notification Disaster; What You Need to Know

Push notifications are a double-edged sword; push too much or send the wrong message and everything you’ve built is gone. In some cases, trust in your service is permanently abolished. Therefore, taking extreme consideration before you tailor and send your push messages to your audience is a must do, as you want to be clear […]

The Perfect Push Notification Message Exists and it's Here

Writing a push notification message is an art and science; it’s deliberate and personal. It combines both the personalization of art and the psychological methodology of science. A well-written push notification is Cupid’s arrow that reaches your audience’s hearts and makes them feel like they’re the only person you’re talking to. Developing this message is […]

How These Three Companies Used Push Notifications is All You Need to Read Now

Smartphone users are expected to reach two billion by 2020. The remarkable increase is shifting the buying behavior and our fundamental understanding of it. Everything is now phone-friendly and whichever isn’t is blocked out of our lives. People are consuming content in shark-like amounts but only digesting some; as on the other hand, the attention […]

When to Use Push Notifications to Enhance Performance

Every problem has a solution, and push notifications are the current solution to many app challenges. Push notifications are not a new invention, they have been around for a while, but the secret lies in the proper optimization, how to make them take you where you want to go, but when do you need push […]

When Do You Need Push Notifications

Every second of everyday, we stumble upon a new update, a new “hack” or trick that businesses are trying to sell; swearing that it will enhance your app’s performance. While you should be on top of each and every update, some of these updates are empty talk; they don’t offer considerable value; unlike other ones […]

4 Secrets to Take Your Push Notification Game to the Next Level

Every minute of every day, the world is shifting shape; it’s transforming, adjusting, and growing. To remain ahead of the curve, you’ve got to remain eagle-eyed for what’s trending, because it’s survival of the fastest. We want 2018 to be the year that pushes you forward; therefore, we compiled four jewels for kicking up your […]

5 Tips You Must Know About Featuring Your App on the App Store

Everyone wants to get their fame on the app store; not just ephemeral fame, but long lasting-number-one-in charts-kind of fame; this is achievable but it takes more than a magic wand and a push; it requires strategy, effort, and constant development.  We’ve studied the tips and put them to rigorous tests to ensure that when […]

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