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5 Tried and True Mobile Engagement Techniques for Your App’s Success

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In today’s climate, where there are 3.7 billion unique mobile users, it comes as no surprise that mobile engagement is of the utmost importance. Studies show that in 2017, out of 2 trillion visits, 63% of website traffic came from mobile devices. However, when it comes to actual engagement, the boom may be over. Compared […]

Why you should try to personalize push notifications?

Some tips and tricks.

Hello FirstName. Does that feel authentic and genuine to you? Messages and notifications that feel impersonal often don’t entice users to take the action you’d like them to take. Notifications that involve name-based personalization have a much more positive impact, and can actually increase the open rate, engagement, and retention of your audience. What Is […]

A/B Testing Mistakes We're Sure You're Guilty Of

A/B testing is essential, there are different tools to choose from and not enough reasons for you not to do it. However, like everything, there are common money-wasting mistakes companies make while setting the test up. Do you plead guilty to any of the mistakes below? 1-No Traffic, No Problem There are rules to a […]

These Mobile Metrics Are Business Savers

App development is a long journey of sweat, blood and tears, that’s why you need to have a benchmark, a guide, you need to measure the right metrics, optimize and iterate your app to offer a compelling user experience. Network Errors Network errors are very important to monitor as they can lead to crashes or […]

4 Secrets to Take Your Push Notification Game to the Next Level

Every minute of every day, the world is shifting shape; it’s transforming, adjusting, and growing. To remain ahead of the curve, you’ve got to remain eagle-eyed for what’s trending, because it’s survival of the fastest. We want 2018 to be the year that pushes you forward; therefore, we compiled four jewels for kicking up your […]

5 Tips You Must Know About Featuring Your App on the App Store

Everyone wants to get their fame on the app store; not just ephemeral fame, but long lasting-number-one-in charts-kind of fame; this is achievable but it takes more than a magic wand and a push; it requires strategy, effort, and constant development.  We’ve studied the tips and put them to rigorous tests to ensure that when […]

Your Guide to Create a Bullet-Proof Mobile App Strategy in 2018

According to statistics, the number of mobile users in Egypt in 2017 was 23.6 million, and it’s expected to reach 28 million by 2019. If that’s not enough of a reason for you to switch your business to mobile, nothing will ever be. The mobile/App industry is taking a new turn in 2018, and this […]

Why Push Polls Are Exactly What You Need NOW

Your users are gold mines of insights, and they’re the new “it” thing since Instagram and Twitter fans are already familiar with them. Therefore, it’s your gold chance of getting inside the heads of your audience and knowing what they need then adjust to their needs. Polls create a direct connection between you and your […]

Monetizing Your App With Mobile Push Notifications

The marketing industry is turbocharged, and that’s one of the most challenging parts of the job as behaviors and preferences of consumers always change, and marketers are always looking for new ways to stay ahead of time and competition by utilizing all the tools possible, and what’s better than a tool that builds upon other […]

Your Definitive Guide To Doubling Your App Downloads

The App market competition is ruthless. So, let’s talk numbers; apple’s App Store has 1.4 million apps while Google Play store has 1.5 million apps, which makes it challenging to get the initial traction for your app, but fear not, we have practical tips that will pave your road to the top! 1-Keywords Matter Your […]

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