Integrate PushBots in Vue Apps

For Vue apps with server-side rendering Mainly Nuxt.js which was used to build Marketing website and other projects within the company. You need to add a plugin to nuxt.config.js plugins: [ { src: ‘~/plugins/PB.client.js’ } ], Note the .client in the file name this means “tell Nuxt to run this file ONLY ON THE […]

Official support for React Native

React Native has taken the mobile development ecosystem by storm. What makes it special is the “Learn once, write anywhere” concept, making it easy for React web developers to build native apps. Honestly, It’s been quite some time since we have chosen to support this framework. Today, we are beyond excited to announce the release […]

How to install a blazing fast Android development environment

I’ve been always struggling with Android development on my macbook pro, it has been always slow and unreliable. So i’ve decided to revive a low-end machine with a lightweight linux distro and after trying many, Puppy linux was my choice. Using Puppy linux and genymotion on a 2GB/dual core machine was actually 10x faster than my macbook pro. Why Puppy linux Small size, ~200MB! […]

How to install Graphite on OS X Yosemite

’ve been playing around with Etsy/statsD recently trying to use to debug Node.js apps. Here’s a detailed instructions how to install it on OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 : #Requirements: Python 2.6 or greater. py2cairo. Django 1.4 or greater. django-tagging 0.3.1 or greater. Twisted 8.0 or greater (10.0+ recommended). #Installation: Let’s start by installing py2cairo/glib: brew install cairo brew install py2cairo Install django and django-tagging: sudo pip install Django==1.8.3 […]

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