5 Tips You Must Know About Featuring Your App on the App Store
Jana El-Sokkary

Everyone wants to get their fame on the app store; not just ephemeral fame, but long lasting-number-one-in charts-kind of fame; this is achievable but it takes more than a magic wand and a push; it requires strategy, effort, and constant development.  We’ve studied the tips and put them to rigorous tests to ensure that when compiled, will push your app to the top.

1-Build a top-notch app

The first rule to any product success is putting your entire heart into it. It’s common sense that’s not very common. Before aspiring to reach the top charts, your app should be built to earn its place and be qualified to live there. Be on a relentless lookout for bettering yourself, highlighting your app’s best features, hunting for more features to enhance your app, and make sure it’s satisfying the user and giving him everything he needs, and that begins the second you start building your app; attention to every detail is a must. Start with the vision in mind; the steps you need to take to reach your end goal are all in the first steps, so pour your heart and soul into them.   

2-Go Local

Looking at app stores from all angels is a definite support to place on the charts. Considering that there are 155 app stores around the world, and you need to make use of that by spreading like a forest whenever and wherever you can. Localizing your app could climb to the top of other iTunes stores as the apps that make it there speak the native language.

The localization of your app adds an enormous advantage to your position; it’s where your app could get chosen and helps you reach your audience on a deeper level that literally speaks their language.  


Staying up to date is a surefire way to get your app recognized and picked up; it’s also the one that helps your audience feel that you are considering their needs. You’ve got to look for all kinds of updates, especially seasonal updates as seasons are “gift times” when –fortunate- people get new devices as gifts, which entail a direct visit to the app store for new perspectives. Apps are like furniture to your audience’s devices, and every season, they go shopping and redecorate; and you’ve got to be ready. Join the fun, curate festive content, add holiday features and let them know you’re on the same wavelength and appreciate their happy moments too.  

4-Start with iOS

Apple is the kind of friend who high-fives back; when you launch the first version of your app for iOS, it shows support, and when Apple sees support, it offers loads of it back. The iOS version screams loyalty to Apple, and that in the Apple world, is much appreciated. Be Apple friendly, and it will come back ten folds. As they say ‘an Apple a day, keeps the bugs  away.’

5-Go Universal

The universality of your app means aligning it with all iOS products; iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch, which is a peace offering to apple and a sign to show loyalty. Apple apps get the first attention, so make sure to use it all the way.

Pushing your app to the top should be your next goal; the one you dedicate your entire time to from day one, from building to launching, every detail along the way should serve that purpose.  Use these tips and dig deeper into them to make them your own and rapid success will surely follow.

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