Instapush: Immediate notifications for transactions you care about.
Amr Sobhy

Are you launching an alpha or beta new web product? Do you constantly open couple of tabs and refresh them to follow up on the transactions you care about? A new user signup? new payment? or even checking who had access to your restricted-access areas. If yes, then this might come handy. We at PushBots are thrilled to introduce our new product (Instapush).


Instapush will deliver immediate notifications about any transaction you care about in your web product, shell script or anything that knows how to execute HTTP requests (practically almost any programming language). Gone are the days of checking your logs every-night, between analytics, payment gateways and your custom-made control panel to discover what happened in your product or business. Instapush will keep you updated with events when they happen even when you are on the go.


We have created a mobile app as well as handy libraries for PHP, Python and NodeJS. Sign up, create an event, copy few lines of code after successful transactions and that’s it. Use the mobile app (Client) to receive the notifications as they happen, all under few minutes.

410cookie-checkInstapush: Immediate notifications for transactions you care about.