4 Secrets to Take Your Push Notification Game to the Next Level
Jana El-Sokkary

Every minute of every day, the world is shifting shape; it’s transforming, adjusting, and growing. To remain ahead of the curve, you’ve got to remain eagle-eyed for what’s trending, because it’s survival of the fastest. We want 2018 to be the year that pushes you forward; therefore, we compiled four jewels for kicking up your push notification game.

-Integrate AI-driven Push Notifications

AI is taking the world by storm. It’s expected to change the entire shape of marketing as we know it and how we communicate in our everyday life. Your consumers are changing as well due to the gradual involvement of AI-powered tools; therefore it’s your time to start planning an optimization plan for all aspects of your push campaign, starting from the creation, message content, and push delivery.


People respond to personalized messages. They, for a change, feel that you actually took some time and put genuine effort into your marketing process; in fact 78% of your audience interact more with promotions when they’re not one size fits all; and for that, segmentation is your tool, be relentless in grouping similar behaviors and create a message that really speaks to them and offers something of value, a value you know they need.  

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-Let it Flow

Your customer’s lifetime cycle should be on top of your daily list. Building brand loyalty takes time, strategy, and patience but it’s an endeavor worth taking. Long terms customers generated 50% more revenue because once your audience trusts your brand, they’re there to stay.

-Pour Creative Juice

Your push messages need to be out-of-every-box. You have to get crazy creative to find your way out of the stereotyped boxes they have you in due to being bombarded with detached and similar messages on their screens; you need to get outside of the boxes and inside their heads.  Your copy is not only about the words, but the design as well; they have to complement each other in an attention-arresting way. Then, put your heart and soul in formulating the right message; the right message has to be;


-Specific: Your message has to be curated to every group of your audience. Straightforward enough to catch their attention and deliver the message you want. With a five-second attention span, you have to be lightning-bolt fast.

-Creative: This one goes without saying, you can’t afford to be ordinary; each and every message has to be different and appealing in a way that speaks to the audience in a personalized and creative manner. Why else would they listen to you?

-Simple: Time is short, and so are people’s memories. Anyone can write difficult and complicated messages, but it takes a genius to simplify; to reach the minds and hearts with simple everyday terms. Make sure your message is simple enough to be understood when it’s read the first time; people have no time to think twice.

-Aligned:  What’s the purpose of your message? Is it aligned with the rest of your brand and campaign? What do you hope to accomplish with it? Would it make your audience feel more connected to your brand or push him away?  These are all questions you need to consider when creating your copy. Every copy must have a direct link either back to your brand or campaign or to invoke a specific feeling in your audience.

The world is shifting shapes, and so should your words.  Integrate these tips into your yearly strategy, expand on them, and put them to the test. Leave no path un-trodden, and prepare for a future that’s changing life as we know it.

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