4 Mobile Metrics Every Mobile Company Should Monitor in 2018
Jana El-Sokkary

The global App market is booming, but the success rate of apps is around 0.01%, for an app to grow, it’s a lot of work and planning and constant unlearning and learning process. If you’re launching an app, we have the four definite metrics you should track to make it grow and have more roots.

How Many Times is Your App Installed?

The thing with apps is that they give off the impression that they’re easy to boom, that you’re just one step(or a few) away from reaching the top, and it’s easier to think that when they’re distributed for free but also half of all app users don’t make any in-app purchases, App Store Search and feature are your blueprints for all the work and notes you need to be taking, focus on all the UI/UX issues and address them-change them all at once.

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There are also many independent tracking tools to help you measure your success through comparing your ad’s data and the network’s to determine where your gaps are.

Does Your App Engage Your Audience?

The first three months of any relationship are the hardest, and that goes for your relationship with your users as well, just because they’re there, doesn’t mean they’re necessarily having a good time. They’re still discovering if this is “The One” for them, and they won’t hesitate to drop out after a week if their needs aren’t met. That’s why you need to ask or get their feedback in any way possible, Google Play and App Store reviews are your way in. That’s why you have to engage and arrest your user’s attention to convince them you’re the only fish in the sea that can give them what they truly need.

How to Make Your App Go Viral?

People want things for free, they want your premium features for free. It’s literally 5% of people who are willing to put money in paid apps. The former doesn’t mind paying by sharing your app on social media and invitations with their friends to get your premium app features or any kind of bonus points which is fire to gasoline. What’s the skeleton key here? data, of course. You can measure your virality by dividing the organic app downloads over a certain period by the number of active users over that same period or calculate the number of invites sent by a user (i) multiplied by the percent of invites that do convert (c).

Give your users something to look forward to having, bonus points, virtual chocolate, premium VIP features, whatever rocks their boat and they’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

How Many Users are Going to Use Your App?

There’s an app for telling you if you need more sugar in your smoothie and another one for determining how you’d look if you lived on Mars. There’s an app for literally everything, and like fashion trends, they just keep coming; they reached five million on the App and Play stores, but how many are actually used during the first six months of love? You guessed it, it ranges from 24% to 26%. Bummer, right?

You need to know your user’s journey and how to avoid the pitfalls they might go through that will lead to them abandoning/uninstalling your app. Do they know how to use it? Do they recognize it’s benefit? Are you sure the benefit you’re offering is important for the prospective audience? Do your users fit the healthy number of 30-40% of app users and active users? Take your time to answer these questions and gather all the information you need.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure; that’s why data is your savior. Follow these metrics for solid performance results and your success will follow your footsteps.

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